Create new empty files

To create a new empty .px file, tap on the + button, then Artwork.

  1. The file of the new file

  2. The dimensions (canvas size) of the new file

  3. Some presets for the new artwork (recent and saved)

  4. Color mode for the new file

  5. The palette to be used for this new artwork

Import files

When we import a file from other formats, Pixquare will convert it to .px files and add the new file to the current location. We can select files from the Files or Photos app. The supported formats for importing are:

  • .px files

  • .aseprite / .ase files

  • Images (png, jpg, etc.)

  • GIF

Import sheet

We can import sprite sheets and turn them into animated .px files. Similar to importing files, we can use the Files app or Photos app as sources, but only images are allowed to be imported.

After selecting an image, this screen will show up:

We can use the parameters to adjust how we want to divide the sheet up.

Once imported, we'll see each grid turned into a frame with the default duration of 100 ms.

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