The basics

What do we have here?

  1. Load built-in palettes or saved palettes

  2. Save the current palette

  3. More button

  4. Remove button. We got here by tapping on the selected color one more time

  5. Add the current color to the palette

Pixquare palettes can have up to 254 colors

Reorder colors

We can reorder colors within the palette by long-pressing on a color and then dragging it to the new position.

Edit a color

We can edit a color in the palette directly by long-pressing it, and a box with the edit icon will show up. Drag the color to that box and it will pop up a color picker for us to change the dragged color.

When we reorder colors in indexed mode, we'll have the option to remap the canvas indices to keep the colors the same on the canvas

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