1. Auto-save

This option is on by default. When enabled, Pixquare will detect changes in the artwork and save them automatically.

If we're trying something new and afraid that it could ruin our work, temporarily turning this off might be a good solution.

2. Toast notification

At the top of the screen, there is a toast notification that will show up quite often to notify us of what's going on. If that becomes a distraction for us, we can simply hide it away with this option.

3. Menu label duration

Same as the toast screen, when the contextual menu appears, each button will have a label to tell us what it does. We can customize how long that label will stay on the screen here.

4. Undo/redo buttons

These are the buttons under the slider to undo/redo actions. We can enable or disable them here. Because we can already undo/redo by 2-finger/3-finger tap, we can disable these buttons if we want to clean up the UI a bit.

5. Undo/redo gestures

You can 2-finger tap and 3-finger tap to undo/redo by default, but if we don't want that, we can disable that here.

6. Opacity slider

The color picker can already pick the alpha channel values for our colors. This slider is only a quick way to adjust that without needing to open the color picker or only to change the opacity temporarily without changing the base color. Because of the fact that the opacity slider is not a crucial part of the UI, we can also disable it to make the UI cleaner.

7. Indices start at 0

Frames and tiles are numbered starting from 1. However, a few users prefer them starting at 0 instead. Well, turn this on and 0 is the new 1.

8. Languages

Pixquare is localized in multiple languages, the default language is the language of your phone, and if not available, it will use English. If the default language is not what you want, you can change it to one of the other supported languages.

9. Stats

Pixquare automatically records a few stats while we draw, so we can check these stats anytime.

10. User guide

Just a link to this guide :D

11. Export artwork

Export the current artwork. For more info on exporting, see this page.

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