The palette is where we keep and organize the colors for convenient use while drawing. It resides at the bottom of the screen and can be detached.

Besides the main functionality of storing colors, the palette also has a lot more to offer.

In indexed mode, the palette is the most important component of an artwork because it dictates how the artwork looks.

The basics

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Gradient generator

Sometimes it's quite handy to be able to generate a gradient from 2 colors. By using the gradient generator built right into the palette, we can easily do that.

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Oftentimes, we need to add shades to objects to bring them to life. Shading is a powerful tool to help us add shades to the object efficiently.

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Lospec integration

Early in the development, a few users requested me to add Lospec palette import. So I did, and now we can import from thousands of available palettes from Lospec.

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Importing palettes

In addition to Lospec palette, Pixquare can import palettes from files and images as well.

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Palette sorting

Just a quick way to reorder our palettes by color values.

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Other operation

Learn about other operations we can do with the palette >

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