Color modes

When creating a new artwork, we'll have the option to choose which color mode to use like.


In this mode, colors on the canvas are saved as RGBA data. With this, each pixel is independent of each other and the palette.

The color palette in this mode is only a quick way of selecting a color, no more no less.

In this mode, we have more freedom in what we can put on the canvas.

However, because all pixels are independent, we do not have as much control over them. When we want to change something, we must do that on the pixel level.


In this mode, the canvas doesn't contain RGBA colors, instead, it contains indexes that will be mapped to the color with the same index in the palette. For example, if the first color of the palette is red, every pixel on the canvas that has the index 1 will be red, and when we draw, we don't paint FF0000 to the canvas, we paint number 1 on the pixels.

Because of this, we cannot just draw any color onto the canvas, but only those that are in the palette.

This limits our freedom, however, it gives us control of the pixels. Now if we want to replace colors, we simply need to replace the palette and the entire canvas will be updated as well.

The palette in Pixquare has a max color count of 254, so this is also another limitation of the indexed mode.

Blend mode and layer opacity still work in indexed more, so theoretically, we have more than just 254 colors

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