Gestures and quick actions


Here is the list of all supported gestures in Pixquare:

  • Pan canvas - Two-finger pan

  • Zoom canvas - Pinch

  • Rotate canvas - Rotate (configurable)

  • Undo - Two-finger tap

  • Rapid undo - Two-finger hold

  • Redo - Three-finger tap

  • Rapid redo - Three-finger hold

  • Finish current tool - One-finger double-tap

  • Select a canvas grid - Pencil double-tap

  • Navigate to the next frame - Left swipe (configurable)

  • Quick eye dropper - Long press one canvas by finger or pencil (configurable)

Quick actions

Quick tools

In between the size and opacity sliders, there is a small square. If we tap and hold that square, the eye dropper tool will be activated until the touch is released.

Eye dropper is not the only tool that we can use, we can customize the tool in Settings > Drawing > Slider quick tool

Color drop

The color box at the top right corner can be dragged into the canvas to perform a bucket-fill.

Canvas 100% zoom

When tapping on the preview button, it will expand the preview window. However, we can also hold that button to quickly zoom the canvas to 100% and set it to be at the center of the screen to gauge how it looks in real size; release the button and it will zoom back to the previous zoom scale and position.

Drawing tools as an eraser

When using drawing tools (brush, line, shape) with 0 opacity, these tools will act as an eraser. So a quick trick is to drag the opacity slider down to 0 and use these tools to do custom erasing that the regular eraser cannot do easily.

Quick zoom level

At the bottom info bar, we can tap the zoom scale info to expand the quick zoom level options.

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