1. Pixel grid

If this option is on, when zooming in above some certain threshold, the pixel bounds will be shown.

2. Canvas grid

Use this option to customize the checkerboard pattern on the canvas (colors, size), or turn it off completely.

3. Guide line

Canvas grid is great, but it's rendered below the content. If we need a grid to help us with the compositing of the content, we can turn this option on. When turned on, we can change the line color, grid size, and whether to align the line isometrically or perpendicularly.

4. Canvas rotation

With this option on, we can rotate the canvas with 2 finger twisting gesture.

If we want the canvas rotation to snap to 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees, turn on the "90-degree snapping" sub-option.

5. x00% zoom snapping

Turn on this option to snap the zoom scale of the canvas to whole numbers (100%, 200%, 300%, and so on)

6. Canvas resize

This is where we find the current size of the canvas. If we need to resize it, we can do that here too.

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7. Canvas flip

With the move tool, we can flip the selected content. But what if we want to flip everything on the canvas horizontally or vertically?

We do that layer by layer, frame by frame with the move tool, or we can use this option and everything will be flipped in a finger snap.

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