How to use

To get to the theme settings, we have 2 entries:

  • On Gallery > Gear icon > Theme customization

  • On canvas > Gear icon > Theme

Types of theme


These themes are already packaged and ready to be used out of the box. All we need to do is to download them.


Our own theme, we build it. If we'd like, we can also package and ship it so other users can so it too.


In this tab, we can download the available pre-built themes to use.

Tap the dropdown to see what themes are available, and tap 1 of them to download.

After downloading, it will be listed in "Available themes".

Selecting a theme here will apply all assets of that theme. See below to learn about the assets.


Expand the dropdown to select a theme to apply the color scheme.

We can also adjust the colors using the panel below the dropdown. Once edited, the Presets will switch to Custom.


Similar to colors, we can select the images from any theme to use, or select Custom to use our own images. Images that are not provided by the theme will use the equivalent from the Default theme.

To use our own images, go to the Files app > On my iPad/iPhone > Pixquare > themes > Custom > images, if the folder is not there, create them manually. After that, we can add our images to this folder.

For a list of required images, we can check this doc here.


Same at images, only the folder path for custom font is now Files app > On my iPad/iPhone > Pixquare > themes > Custom > font. Place your .ttf file in there.

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