Clipboard (copy/paste)

Copy, cut, and paste options are all in the contextual menu.

Clipboard are shared across artworks, so we can copy from 1 artwork an paste into another one.


The copy and cut options will be available when there is an active selection (using the selection tool or move tool to select all content) or when the layer contextual menu is shown.

After tapping copy or cut, the content will be saved in the clipboard, ready to be pasted.


After copying/cutting, the option to paste will show up, tap it to paste.

We can set where to paste the content in settings. Read more >

Clearing clipboard

Once the content is saved to the clipboard, it will remain there to allow us to paste it multiple times. However, if we want to clear it, we can tap on the Clear option to remove the saved content.

If we copy/cut again, the new content will replace the current one.

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