Frame navigation looping

If this option is enabled, if we're on the first frame and we try to select the previous frame (either via the header button or swiping), it will select the last one. The same applies to the last frame.

Onion skin

  1. Backward count - How many of the previous frames will be displayed

  2. Forward count - How many of the next frames will display be displayed

  3. Opacity - The opacity of the closest frame to the current frame

  4. Opacity step - The amount of opacity will be deducted each frame away from the current frame

  5. Per layer - Whether or not to only show onion skin for the selected layers

  6. Looping - Whether or not to loop the last frame to the first frame or vice versa

  7. Backward tint - Tint color that will be applied to previous frames

  8. Forward tint - Tint color that will be applied to next frames

If we don't want any tint, we can set those colors to white.

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