At the top right corner are the powerful tools that we can use to sketch amazing pixel art.


Move, resize, scale, flip, or even clear the content.

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The most basic and most needed tool to create pixel art. There is a lot of customization for this tool: 5 stroke types, pressure sensitivity, contour, dithering, etc.

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Similar to brush but to remove instead of adding content.

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Create straight lines or beautiful curves. It comes with a lot of customization as well.

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Drawing rectangles or perfect circles by hand is such a tedious (sometimes impossible) task. Let the Shape tool help us with that.

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Advanced selection tool to enable us to make complex selections: 5 selection types and 5 selection modes.

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Eye dropper

Quickly pick a color on the canvas.

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Additional tools

Pixquare has even more tools specialized for pixel art:

Color Picker

Picking a color is super easy with Pixquare's 4 color picker types as well as the ability to drag a compact sticky version of it around the canvas.

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