With the Move tool, we can move content around, resize, rotate, skew, or perspective transform it.

There are a few things to note:

  • Move tool can work with multiple layers of the same type at once but cannot work with multiple layer types at the same time. Read more about layer types here.

  • Move tool can work with folder

  • When the Move tool is selected, if there is an active selection, it will work with that selection, if there is no selection, it will automatically select all the content of the selected layers and work with that content.

  • A few options are only available when the Move tool is active:

    • Clear content

    • Flip vertically

    • Flip horizontally

  • We can enable snapping for the Move tool, if enabled, it will snap the rotation to multiples of 90 degrees (0, 90, 180, 270)

  • There are 3 transform modes: scaling, skewing, and perspective.

Precise move

Sometimes moving content using touch drag is not very precise. On desktop, we usually use arrow keys to move content directionally, so to simulate that, Precise move was implemented.

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