Gradient generator

In the palette panel, tap the ... button, then "Generate gradient"

  1. Color space to interpolate the values: RGB or HSV

  2. Step direction

    1. Inside - Simply interpolate from the first to the second color

    2. Outside - Either go down to 0 then loop to 1 then to the second color or go up to 1 and loop back to 0 then to the second color.

  3. First color

  4. Second Color

  5. Number of colors in between the 2 colors

  6. Preview

Ignore source colors: if this option is enabled, the source colors (#3 and #4) will not be added to the generated colors.

After tapping Add, the gradient will be added to the current palette at the position of the selected color.

When we add the gradient to the palette in indexed mode, we'll have the option to remap the canvas indices to keep the colors the same on the canvas

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