Tilemap/tileset system

Before we can do anything with the tileset, we need to create a tilemap layer first. See how we do that here.

Note that we can only operate with the tileset/tilemap system when the tilemap layer is selected.

Know the tileset window

  1. The available tiles

  2. Tile eraser

  3. Add new tile - new tile will be added after the selected tile or at the end if nothing is selected

  4. Remove the selected tile

  5. More button and the options

  6. Window resize

Assign tile to the tilemap

To assign tiles to the grid on the canvas, we need to first select the tile. Tap on a tile to select it.

The selected tile will have a border around it. Now select the brush button on top of the tileset window and then draw the tiles onto the canvas.

Removing an assignment is the same as assigning tiles, but we need to select the eraser button instead of the brush.

Reorder tiles

To reorder tiles within the tileset, we need to long press on a tile, and then drag it to the new position. The assignment on the tilemap grid will be updated automatically to match the new order.

What else?

That's it, we can now start drawing and see the magic of the tileset system.

We can animate tilemap layers just like regular layers.


  • Tilesets are stored in .px files and currently, there is no way of exporting or importing them

  • We can only export the tilemap layers to images, there is no way of exporting the tileset itself as of now.

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