Reference layer's operations

New reference layer

Use the New Reference Layer button to add a new reference layer. We'll have 2 options of where to select the image: Photos and Files. After selecting the image from its source, a new reference layer will be added to our layer stack.


A reference layer is not a drawable layer, it's just an image on the canvas. However, you can convert that image into a regular layer and start drawing on it.

To do that, bring up the contextual menu, then select "Rasterize", we'll have the option to apply this to the current frame or all frames.

When rasterized, the image's resolution will be scaled to match the current size of it on the canvas, in most cases, we'll see the image becomes pixelated.

Original size

When imported, the image and the canvas might have different sizes, however, Pixquare will try to scale it down so that it fits inside the canvas.

If we want to scale it back so that 1 pixel of the image is the same size as 1 pixel of the canvas, we can select the "Original size" option in the contextual menu.

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