Layer operations

There are a lot of maneuvers built around the layer system. This page will provide us with guidance on the operations we can perform on all layer types. For specific actions on each layer type, please see the sub-pages.

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Most operations will only affect the selected layers, so before going into the fun stuff, let's learn how to select the layers.

There are 2 selection modes: individual and multi-selection.

The default mode is individual in which when we tap on a layer, it will select only that layer.

Multi-selection mode, as the name suggests, will allow us to select multiple layers at once.

To enable multi-selection mode, tap on the "Select" button on the top row, next to the lock button. In this mode, when we tap on a layer, it will toggle the selection status of only that layer, it won't un-select the other ones. There is also a check box on the left to toggle all layers at once.

To exit multi-selection mode, tap the "Done" button.

Contextual menu

To bring out the contextual menu for layers, you can:

  • Tap on the selected layer one more time

  • The contextual menu will auto-show if more than 1 layers are selected


To rearrange layers, select them, then long press on one of the selected layers (or just the layer if we select only one) and drag to the desired position. An indicator will appear to let us know where the new location is.

If we select multiple non-consecutive layers, they will be placed right on top of each other at the new place with the relative order among them preserved.


To remove layers, select them, then tap on the remove layers button. A confirmation alert will show up, confirm it and they're gone.


Visibility determines whether or not a layer will be rendered on the canvas.

  • To toggle the visibility of a layer, tap on the eye icon of that layer.

  • To toggle the visibility of all selected layers, tap on the eye icon of one of the selected layers.

  • To toggle the visibility of all layers, tap on the eye icon of the top row.

Lock status

When a lock is locked, we cannot change the content of that layer anymore. This is to prevent accidental changes.

The way we toggle lock status is the same as visibility, except that we're using the lock icon instead of the eye icon.

When a group is locked, all of its children will be locked as well, regardless of their individual status.


To rename a layer, activate the contextual menu, then select rename and enter a new name.


All layers' opacity can be adjusted, including groups. Similarly to rename, we bring out the contextual menu, then select Opacity and adjust using the slider.

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