Adding an outline to our existing content can be a tedious and time-consuming task. We can use this tool to add an outline to our content with many customizations quickly.

1. Outline color

The color of the outline. When this color box is active (its color picker is shown) it will also take the color from the main color picker and palette.

2. Ignored colors

Tap the + button to add the current color to this list. If a color is in this list, it will be treated as being transparent.

3. Corners

Select which corners to outline here.

4. Alignment

Whether to outline outside or inside of the content.

5. Watercolor

Read more about watercolor >

6. Preview

If this toggle is one, the changes will be displayed live on the canvas.

Keep in mind that if we're outlining on many layers and frames with Preview on, it might lag. If that happens, we can turn this off, select the setup, and turn it on again to see the effect. Repeat this to avoid lag.

Demo video

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