Only draw with pencil

If we have an Apple Pencil, it's recommended to turn this on to prevent any unwanted stray pixels coming from our fingers or palms. When this option is on, drawing tools won't accept finger touches.

When this option is on, we can use finger touch to do other things.

Quick layer selection

Selecting a layer in the timeline panel sometimes can be slow. Enable this option to select a layer by simply tapping on the content of a layer.

Swipe to navigate frames

Another utility functionality for the finger touch is to swipe left or right on the canvas to navigate among frames. This comes in really handy when working on animation.

Quick color picker

There are multiple ways of triggering the eye dropper: the eye dropper tool itself, the quick picker button, and this option.

When this option is on, long pressing on the canvas will trigger the eye dropper as well.

This option does come with some customization.


Whether or not to enable this for finger long-press


Whether or not to enable this for pencil long-press

Activation time

How long do we have to hold the touch to trigger the eye dropper? Adjust that here.

Allowable travel

Adjust this value to limit how far the finger tip or the pencil tip can travel and still count as a long-press instead of a stroke.

Select previous tool after eye dropper

After picking a color, we usually want to start drawing with that new color instead of staying on the eye dropper tool. Enable this option to switch back to the most recent draw tool after triggering eye dropper.

Paste at original coordinate

Depending on our preferences, Pixquare will paste the clipboard content at the center of the current screen or the original coordinate of the copied/content.

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