Color bucket

Use the color bucket if we want to quickly fill an area with a color or a gradient.

This tool has the watercolor option. Read more about watercolor >


The color bucket comes with a few customizable options.


If the Contiguous option is on, only pixels that are contiguous (connected) to the original pixel will be affected, if it's off, it will affect all pixels on the entire canvas regardless of whether they are connected.


Adjust the Tolerance to allow "wiggling room", meaning that if the 2 colors are within the tolerance range, they will be counted as an identical color.

Tolerance will behave differently in different color modes:

  • RGB: It will compare the RGB channel values

  • Indexed: It will compare the indices in the palette

Fill modes

Solid color

This mode will simply use the current color to fill, nothing special.

Linear gradient

This will fill the area with a linear gradient. After adding the anchor colors, drag the pencil from the start point to the endpoint of the gradient.

We can also select to use dithering instead of a smooth interpolation. Read more about dithering >

For the no-dithering option, the colors between the selected colors are different in different color modes:

  • RGB: RGB values will be interpolated.

  • Indexed: The palette indices will be interpolated.

Linear gradient also has the "Perfect angle" option which will snap the angle to increments of 45 degrees

Radial gradient

The same as the linear gradient, except that it's radial instead of linear. The center of the gradient will be the start coordinate.

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