Custom brush

Unlock your imagination and capability with the custom brush system. If the basic round and square brush cannot do the job, we can use the custom shapes with the custom brush stroke type.

Create custom brush

To create a custom brush, we first need to make a selection, after that, the option to add the custom brush will show up, tap it to add a custom brush to the current collection.

The alpha values of the selection will be used to determine the shape of the brush.

How to use

Regular brush

When used with the regular brush, we have 2 types of alignments:

  • Aligned: each instance of the custom brush will be placed next to each other in a grid

  • Continuous: Same as the regular square and round brush, but with the custom shape.

Spray and spray with opacity

Spray the custom shapes instead of the basic round and square shapes.

Brush collection

Custom brushes are saved into collections. The "default" collection is added automatically. To create a new collection, select "Create". When adding a new custom brush from the selection, it will be saved to the current selected collection.


Pixquare's custom brushes are saved as ".pxbr" files. We can share these files with other users.

We can find these files in collection folders in Files apps at "On my iPad (or iPhone) > Pixquare > custom_brushes"

To import brushes, we simply copy the collections to this location.

.pxbr files at the top-level folder "custom_brushes" folder without being in a collection will not be shown in Pixquare.

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