Cel operations

What are cels?

In Pixquare's timeline panel, we have layers (y-axis) and frames (x-axis), together they create a grid of cels. So a cels is an intersection of a layer and a frame.


To select a cel, simply tap on it :D.

Cel opacity

When we set the opacity for a layer, all its cels will inherit that opacity by default. However, we can set each cel's opacity individually.

To do that, tap on a cel twice to show the contextual menu, then select Opacity to adjust. If we want to remove the individual opacity and use the layer's opacity, select the remove button next to the slider.


Cels of the same layer can be linked together. When linked, they will have the same content, so editing one will affect all of them. This is particularly helpful with static objects/backgrounds of animation clips.

To link cels, select the layers and frames. This effectively selects the cels. If we want, we can enter the multi-selection mode of the layers and frame, then tap the individual cels. The contextual menu will show up with a Link button, tap it to link the selected cels.

Note: when linking, the content of the first cel will be chosen to be the content for all linked cels

Linking when duplicating frames

If we take a closer look at the layer row, we'll see a button to the left of its name. This button has 2 states:

  • Unlinked (2 dots): When duplicating a frame, the new cel of the layer won't be linked.

  • Linked (a long dot): When duplicating a frame, it will automatically link the new cel of this layer.


To unlink cels, select them and the Unlink from the contextual menu.

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