Symmetry (mirroring)

Symmetry is both beautiful and time-saving. It was one of the most requested features in Pixquare's beta phase.

Most software offers 2 symmetry lines: 1 vertical and 1 horizontal. Pixquare goes 1 step further and offers as many lines in both axes as your heart desires.

Flip the switch

Symmetry tool is disabled by default, so we'll need to enable it first.

To enable the symmetry tool, go to Settings > Features > Symmetry tool

How to use

  1. Position drag knob - drag these to adjust the position of the line. Only the selected line in the panel has these

  2. On/off toggle - Symmetry lines can be temporarily turned on/off

  3. Current position of the line

  4. Line color - tap on this box to change the line's color

  5. Selected line

  6. Remove the current selected line

  7. Add a new linee

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